Why Hydroponic living?

At this point, we all have heard of the negative effects of consuming the ultra-processed food that we eat. Enough of this scaring; is there any alternative to this?

I asked the same question, and my itch to find a viable solution to this artificial lifestyle brought me to hydroponics. Yes, hydroponics is not only an alternative but also the most viable method of growing own plants without needing much space.

Hydroponic culture technique is a non-traditional method of growing plants in a culture medium that contains all the necessary nutrients, otherwise provided by soil. What else do someone like me or you, who doesn’t own acres, but still wants to grow and eat healthy food need, right!?

It is due to these reasons that it is growing to be more than a hobby practice now. As more and more people are realizing the importance of self-grown food, and the ease that hydroponics provide in making it possible, the trends are changing. 

In a nutshell, you can say that hydroponic living is a modern way of avoiding modern food.

About Me

I’m Ali, a botanist by profession who specializes in hydroponic culture techniques. When I started out researching about hydroponics to find an alternative to processed foods, I turned to books and internet. 

Being a botany major, as well as a plant lover I realized that the information available regarding hydroponics is either too technical or too generic. It was not an issue for me to overcome this problem, but I realized that this polarity is not good for someone who wants to “understand” the “grow” plants hydroponically.

So, having the perfect background – botany, research, writing – I thought of sharing my knowledge to help more people start hydroponic living. If you too wish to be one of those people, then Hydroponic Living.com has got you covered with everything you need to go green, hydroponically!