13 Best Hydroponic Vegetables to Grow at Home

Hydroponic vegetables
Hydroponics is the future of urban gardening. Here, you can not only fulfill your hobby of growing plants but can ...
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Best practices to Prevent Root Rot In Hydroponics

Root rot in hydroponics
Now, when it comes to plants, their leaves may do the food-making job, but it’s actually the roots that provide ...
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Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes – A Beginner’s Guide

Grow hydroponic tomatoes
With the current inflation, the prices of tomatoes are constantly increasing. Buying such costly and yet tasteless tomatoes is not ...
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Organic vs Inorganic Hydroponic Nutrients: A Complete Guide

organic vs inorganic hydroponic nutrients
The recent climate change and health awareness boom have made everyone suspicious of inorganic food and crops. Even hydroponic growers ...
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How Often Should I Change Water In A Hydroponic System To Get Best Results

change water in hydroponics
With artificial light and growing conditions, the only natural resource that hydroponic plants have is water. Now, plants in a ...
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Starting Seeds on a Budget: 7 Affordable Alternatives to Rockwool

affordable alternatives to rockwool
Generally, hydroponics tools are pretty expensive but with a little research and direction, you can save plenty of bucks by ...
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How To Germinate Seeds For Hydroponics Without Rockwool (7 Better Alternatives)

Hydroponics is an excellent indoor farming technique, but how do we germinate seeds for hydroponics without rockwool or soil? Let’s ...
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How To Successfully Transfer Hydroponic Basil To Soil

Transfer hydroponic basil to soil
Basil is one of the most commonly grown hydroponic plants because of its everyday use in the kitchen. However, can ...
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Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Vegetables: A Definitive Guide

Made up your mind about growing hydroponics, but are confused over what nutrients they need and which ones should you ...
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Grow Light vs Sunlight: Which is Better For Your Plants (A Complete Guide)

Grow Light vs Sunlight
Light is necessary for plants, but what type of light is best for your plants?  In this guide, we will ...
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